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Journey to the Promised Land

A new series of books that will capture the imagination!

Five daughters, the bane of any respectful tent-dweller 600 years B.C. Ishmael’s only hope is to marry his daughters off to God-fearing men of Jerusalem. Under no circumstances did he imagine his daughters would be the means by which he joined the greatest Jerusalem exodus in the history of the world. When his daughters were chosen for mates to a family called by God to build a civilization across the might ocean, Ishmael began a journey that would make his daughters his greatest blessing.



Angels and Enemies

Join the fiery Lydia as she struggles against a fate she didn’t choose, but falls into the arms of a man she cannot resist.
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An Oasis In the Desert

As the journey into the wilderness begins to challenge even Deborah, the most independent of the sisters, one man promises to be her oasis in the desert if she would only let him into her heart.
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